​​This relationship with our associates has allowed Hair Again, our Hair Loss Prevention & Regrowth Division to extend our services to men and women seeking to take back control of their lives, by systematically utilizing a superb hair growth system that will, without a shadow of a doubt, change their lives for the better.

THE PROCESS: Step 1 - First we start with a free scalp analysis and consultation. This step via our magnified scope and captured software enhances our client's understanding of their specific hair loss condition.

Step 2 - Once your hair loss condition has been assessed, we will move onto structuring and performing your hair loss prevention and regrowth around one of 4 levels of laser treatments.

Level 1: Mild/Thinning Level
2: Mild/Moderate Level
3: Moderate Level
4: SevereStep 3 -
In order for you to see optimal results, we have included our Hair Growth System in all of our laser treatment levels 2-4. A revolutionary product line in which dedicated use when coupled with our laser treatment will begin your journey towards visible hair restoration and maximum regrowth.

Step 4 - Last but not least is the upkeep. Successful and long lasting, long term results cannot possibly be attained without proper care to your new and wonderful growth. As a result, we have obtained natural haircare advice from professionals worldwide and have provided free online access to you, our clients. There is also an open forum where all clients will have access, in order to share ideas, results and find answers to many of your personal hair care questions and concerns.

ATTAINABLE GOALS: Future projection finds Sinful Hair by Nadia branching out internationally with professional affiliates in all major countries and cities. Boasting its own brand of customized products second to none, with lines accommodating our professionals and private clients alike. In a short span, SHBN will have expanded its borders from a respectable beauty salon, to hair clinics, spa's, rejuvenation centers, institutes, charitable organizations and much more.

What's more important than anything, is that you, our clients will always and forever remain the catalyst in this progression and therefore the forefront and most important factor in our forward movement. And for that we thank you! In closing, please remember, committed use of our products in conjunction with our level treatments is and will be the major aspect in reaching your hair health goals.

Certified Hair Loss Specialists

Nadia S Hughes

CEO & Founder of Hair Again Growth System

Trichologist / Hair Loss Practitioner

National Trichology Educator 

​Hair Extension Master Specialist

Sherwyn Hughes

Certified Hair Loss Specialist

Pure"O Naturals Distributor

​Hair Again Co-Owner 

Hair Again Hair Loss Clinic in San Antonio